Alice Cai



I'm Alice, storytelling and language geek. My passion for stories and languages started at 6, when I began recording my own audiobooks of classics. Since then, I've worked on several novels, one of which--Crowned: Legend of the Three Bears--got published traditionally.

In my junior high years, I discovered the story of nature and the language of science. Inspired by the almost-magical color-changing abilities of chameleons, I started researching structural color and making various types of nanostructures to study their optical properties. 

As a writer and a researcher, I'm passionate about advancing the intersection of STEM and the humanities. My current work synergizing AI and art focuses on researching, developing, and implementing, in my own practice, collaborative AI-creator systems.

If you're interested in computational creativity, AI-art, interactive/crowdsourced storytelling, ML/NLP/NLG, HCI, or anything intersecting STEM and the humanities in general, let's chat!