Oghma Creative Media is a traditional publisher that publishes, designs, and markets authors and their books. Oghma is a collection of artists working hard to write the book you have been wanting to read.

Buzz Online's educational community offers free online courses beyond the core subjects. Buzz teachers are global youth leaders who have achieved national recognition in their fields. Buzz's community nurtures the next generation of truly passionate students.

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STEMag facilitates collaboration between STEM and the humanities through publishing STEM-related writing, art, multimedia, and more. This is an interdisciplinary effort.

United Chinese Americans is a nationwide nonprofit community dedicated to enriching and empowering Chinese American communities through civic engagement, political participation, heritage sharing, and youth development.

The Register covers national, local, and FHS-wide stories, debates, and ideas through articles, illustrations, multimedia, and interactive digital elements.

YAA is an FHS club for student creators aiming to form a creativity-fostering environment, and then create. YAA believes in growing craft through critiques, collaborations, and community.