​I am an author and researcher working in the intersection of technology and the arts. To me, creativity and research are both generative and inquisitive processes that fundamentally cannot exist without each other. From sci-fi/fantasy novels to creative non-fiction, my writing explores themes of intersectional identity, environmental collapse, and human-machine relationships in an increasingly technologically advanced world. My research experience involves developing bio-inspired nanomaterials for sensing applications and automated data analysis and particle segmentation programs for measurement extraction from microscope images. I am also a teacher and community organizer working to foster cross-disciplinary and cross-cultural thinking and collaboration. My current work in the intersection of AI and art focuses on researching, developing, and implementing, in my own practice, collaborative AI-creator systems.

Published Author

2014 - 2019 

My young adult fantasy novel was traditionally published by OGHMA Creative Media. Thematically centered around power, politics, and family, Crowned: the Legend of the Three Bears follows three princes' struggle for the throne following their father's death. A sibling's quarrel, an all powerful jewel, a kingdom on the line. All from the perspective of bears. 

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Nanomaterial Researcher - Published Paper, 2x ISEF Finalist

2017 - 2021

Inspired by the way chameleons change color by changing the distance between nanocrystals in their skin, I worked on fabricating flexible, 3D nanostructures with incorporated plasmic nanoparticles to study their optical properties for sensing applications. I developed novel data analysis programs to efficiently and methodically extract measurements from microscope images. I also developed particle segmentation software to contribute to a larger research project on laser-induced nanowelding of silver nanoparticles, for which I am third author on a published paper in The Journal of Physical Chemistry.

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Short Form Writer

Nationally recognized, 2019, 2020

My short works examine the nature of identity, culture, and language, combining disparate elements to carve out a space for human experiences that don’t fit neatly into predefined boxes. My pieces, including creative nonfiction and poetry, have been recognized with the following national awards:

- Scholastic American Voices Medal, 2020

- Scholastic Best-in-Grade Medal, 2019

- Scholastic Gold Medal x 3

- NCTE Superior Writing Certificate, 2020

- Published in The Best Teen Writing of 2019, Scholastic Inc.

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STEMag Founder

2019 - PRESENT

STEMag interdisciplinary magazine facilitates collaboration between STEM and the humanities through publishing STEM-related creative work. STEMag's team of editors and partner organizations from across the globe hosted Flattening the Curve, a competition encouraging creativity to address COVID-19 and climate change, featuring prominent NASA climate scientists and astrophysicists as judges evaluating submissions.

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Buzz Online Co-Founder

2020 - PRESENT

Buzz Online's educational community offers interdisciplinary, free online courses. Buzz teachers are global youth leaders who have achieved national recognition in their fields. Through innovative, project-based teaching, Buzz students learn how to creatively apply skills instead of just regurgitate information. Moreover, collaboration among students in newsletters, podcasts, and clubs nurtures the next generation of truly passionate leaders.

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UCA Youth Council Leader

2018 - PRESENT

United Chinese Americans (UCA) is a nonprofit and nonpartisan organization dedicated to empowering Chinese American communities through civic engagement and heritage sharing. As leader of the UCA youth council, I created UCA's instagram page, helped organize mental health webinars/initiatives, and wrote/edited articles for UCA's COVID-19 guide.

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Other Experiences

  • Founder of Young Authors & Artists' Club, 2017 - 2021

  • Fayetteville High School Newspaper Reporter, Illustrator, Editor, 2017 - 2021

  • Lemke Journalism Project, 2018

  • Walson Chinese School Teacher, 2017 - 2020

  • Fayetteville High School SNHS leadership, 2019 - 2021

  • Adroit Journal Summer Mentorship, 2020

  • SynthEthics Ambassador, 2020