solar lens

2013 -

work in progress

Set in an alternate reality, Solar Lens examines the struggles of a teenage girl amidst the technological chaos and environmental collapse of the modern world. The pollution from massive amounts of industrial production combines with the dark data of the internet to produce a powerful virus that turns all living things violent. As the virus spreads, humans set fire to cities, animals turn against each other, plants grow poisonous, and existing systems disintegrate into all-out war.


Time is running out before the destruction is irreversible.

The girl’s first instinct is to escape the cities, but she encounters even greater threats in the wilderness. Soon, she realizes that the only way out is to work with other animal species. Unexpected alliances form. Prejudices surface. The characters learn to see beyond their physical differences and synergize every species’ unique talents to defeat the virus.

The novel’s title, along with the recurring motif of light, calls into question the nature of perspective, pressure, and polarization within a rapidly modernizing world.